Wednesday, August 15, 2007


At a point in her career when she should be little more than a nostalgic memory, Dame Shirley Bassey remains on the cutting edge. Long before there was a Shania, Whitney, Mariah or Christina, Shirley Bassey was belting out powerhouse anthems with an unabashed conviction that has become her trademark.

From her James Bond theme songs to sweet ballads to contemporary hits, this woman's ability to interpret and cover songs are unmatched. And, at the age of 70, she still has the pipes to stun listeners with her delivery and ability to sustain notes that many younger singers strive just to hit.

Contemporary DJs are in love with her as witnessed by their devoted remixes of many of her catalogue's past glories.

Check out her new cover of Pink's "Get The Party Started" below. While Pink made a huge hit out of it, Bassey now OWNS it!

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