Saturday, March 30, 2013

Free MP3 Downloads from Justin Timberlake, Hibbou, Angela McCluskey

Hibbou takes the Surf Electronica sound of The Drums and kicks it up a notch, making it this weeks free MP3 song download:

Hibou- "Glow"

Even more free stuff:

Blackfeet Braves- "Vicious Cycle"

The Teen Age- "Second Youth"

Daniel Steinberg- "True Romance"

Wayne Hancock- "Lone Road Home"

Paper Diamond & Christian Rich- "XIX" feat. Angela McCluskey

Laurels- "Changing The Timeline"

Kurt Vile- "Never Run Away"

Making Movies- "Cuna De Vida"

SPIN's 60-Track Mixtape of SXSW 2013's Hottest Acts

Polyvinyl Sxsw 2013 Sampler

Justin Timberlake- "Suit + Tie" (Julio Bashmore Remix)

The ACBs-"Record Store"

Cotillon- "Talk To Her"

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

FUN. Free MP3 Music Downloads

Free music from FUN. Get MP3 downloads from the recent Song Of The Year Grammy winners! These are legal, guilt free, promotional downloads from one of the hottest bands in the world. Available for a limited time.

Download and enjoy!

Catch fun. on tour this summer with very special guests Tegan and Sara

Bonus: Free remix of "We Are Young" by FUN.

Click here: We Are Young remix

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Free Music From Bowie, Boy + Kite and Deaf Club

Drawing comparisons to Sonic Youth, Silversun Pickups and The Pixies, the ringing guitars on Boy + Kite's "Fall" makes it this week's Free MP3 download:

Boy + Kite- "Fall" 

Click link below for download

More free musics:

Deaf Club- "Break It Slow"

Nhan Solo feat. FML- "Easy" (Adriatique remix)

Footprintz- "Frozen Dove"

Young Dreams- "First Days Of Something" (Delorean Remix)

Maceo Plex – Mind On Fire (Original Mix)

Noah- "I'm Sexy And I Know It" (LMFAO Cover)

HGTV/Paste SXSW 2013 Sampler

Anakin- "End Transmission"

Zed Bias- "Sinner"

Deleter- "Screaming the Song Of Hiawatha"



Chalk and Numbers- "Pretty Colors"


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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Stream David Bowie's New Comeback Album "The Next Day"

"The Stars Are Out Tonight"

David Bowie's much heralded comeback album, "The Next Day", will be available for purchase on March 12. But you don't have to wait until then. For a limited time, "The Next Day" is available as a free stream through iTunes.

Click here to stream "The Next Day"

A lot has been made of the Bowie's surprise record release after 10 years of silence. Critics seem to be jumping up and down with excitement and hyperbole. Others are less ready to jump on the bandwagon, which is understandable given Bowie's suspect and uneven body of work since the 80s.

"Where Are We Now", certainly a strange choice for a comeback single, fanned the flames of those who proclaim Bowie has lost his musical chops. Taken on it's own, the song seems languid and depressing. But as part of the album, it sounds different as sandwiched between a couple of upbeat rockers. The hope and optimism of the song struck me completely differently when I listened to the whole record.

Bowie most cherished songs don't always immediately become favorites. First time I heard "Heroes" I thought it was strange yet catchy. I didn't love it, but there was something there I wanted more of. And after a few listens, I was hooked. I think the man enjoys creating compelling music while simultaneously challenging the listener a bit. Bowie's best work usually created sonic mindworms that took a while to incubate. That is the Bowie trademark and it continues on this album.

The voice is still there. And Most importantly, Bowie sounds ENGAGED, like he's having fun and couldn't care less what the rest of us think. Just like the old days.

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