Thursday, October 30, 2008

Everything Old Is New Again

80s Icons The Cure and The Damned release new albums. Mtv is back!

"4:13 Dream" is the new Cure album featuring the band doing what they do best. Opening track, "Underneath the Stars", has a slow, grinding, ethereal quality a la "Fascination Street" and "Halo". The previously released, "The Only One" is upbeat and way too happy in the style of "Mint Car" and "Friday I'm In Love". It's the kind of ironic juxtaposition this Goth inspired band just loves to display.

Other songs on the record such as "The Perfect Boy" could also easily fit right in on any of the band's 80s or 90s releases. No inspiring revelations or style changes here and none needed. 4:13 Dream compare well with The Cure's best work. Yes, they've done this before but never better.

"So, Who's Paranoid?" is the first Damned album since 2001's "Grave Disorder."

Captain Sensible describes his group's new album as very much influenced by '60s rock like the jangling Byrds and garage bands such as the Troggs.

The album is available for download at the band's Web site, It will be available in disc form in the United States on Dec. 12, as well as at the band's shows in San Francisco on Tuesday and San Jose on Wednesday. Downloads are available on iTunes and Amazon or wherever you get your online music.

I like "Under the Wheels" and "Little Miss Disaster", which are signature, driving punk, Damned. "Danger to Yourself", "Just Hangin" and "A Nation Fit for Heroes" sound great as well. I keep thinking, these guys sound too young and energetic to have been around this long!

Finally, those classic videos you grew up with are back! This time they are online in a searchable database with no commercials! The videos are embedible (see above) and include the videos that launched MTV back in the 80s.

" offers up a more in-depth library, including over 16,000 videos, "Unplugged" performances and exclusive MTV concert footage."

Oh happy day.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Cutting Edge

New, cutting edge music-

Rachel Yamagata:

This is her performance from Jay Leno last week. Her critically acclaimed album is starting to get noticed! Yamagata combines the sensuality and earthiness of Patti Smith with the bite of Chrissie Hynde.

The Spinto Band:

New music from these alt-rockers. Plenty of catchy hooks and ear pleasing melodies!

"Summer Grof"

"Oh Mandy"

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Exciting New Music

Don't miss these musical gems!

Catchy Post Punk Alternative Rock-

Dyed In the Wool- The Young Knives

Electro Pop-

It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This- Helicopter Girl

Melodic Rock-

Logos- Faded Paper Figures

Not much to look at here but a fantastic song. A bit of a Killers vibe:

18 Candles- The Sessions