Saturday, October 21, 2006

Talk Of The Town

The Pretenders first two albums have been remastered and re-released through Rhino records. Both are now 2 disc sets with demos, live material and outtakes. Sound quality is excellent even on the live concert stuff.

Pretenders II remastered features live music from their 1981 Santa Monica Civic Show. Check out the spectacular concert version of "Kid"!

Off With The Bow Tie, On With The Jeans

Rod Stewart has finally returned to what he does best- stealing songs already made popular by other rockers and giving them the "Rod" treatment! Stewart's welcome return to rock after making three dismal "vocal standards" albums is long overdue. Frank Sinatra he isn't.

On "Still The Same", Rod covers 70's staples from the likes of Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bread, Van Morrison, Cat Stevens and notably, Badfinger. Stewart's cover of "Day After Day" puts Def Leppard's recent attempt to shame.

If not groundbreaking, the new album is well produced and very listenable. Please support this album, if for no other reason than to keep Rod away from crooning more lounge songs.

New Music Pick Of The Week:

Belt Loops- The Films

Smart, sassy lyrics, plenty of attitude and enough hooks to catch a school of tuna!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Where Have You Gone Rock And Roll?

The 80's was the last great era of Rock and Roll. Specifically, the early 80's. Before Hair Metal and Grunge came along to send Rock into a downward spiral it has yet to recover from.

Hair Metal was a fad that took style over substance to new heights. It's mascara, lipstick and spandex clad band members largely appealed to teenage girls. And boys with identity issues. Grunge turned being depressed into a status symbol as it tried to pump new life into the rotting carcass of overblown 70's dinosaur Rock. Think Black Sabbath only not so upbeat.

Sure, there have been some good bands since 1985- Goo Goo Dolls, Foo Fighters, Radiohead and Garbage come to mind. But the spirit of experimentation, irreverence and sheer musical variety of The New Wave 80's formed a creative peak that remains unchallenged.

Don't make me drag out the history books on ALL the names of the hundreds of innovative, early 80's bands. Their music is all still there, all you have to do is LISTEN. For example, I'll take The Police, U2 and Blondie over Poison, Twisted Sister, Pearl Jam or Soundgarden any day. Even the currently popular pseudo-punk music by the likes of Green Day couldn't hold a candle to original punkers like The Clash or The Ramones.

I'll admit my guilty pleasure in enjoying the occasional Bon Jovi or Loverboy flashback. Hey, I'm only human. Like looking at old embarrassing family photos, they're good for a quick laugh and then quickly back into the closet. Then I may have to listen to some Soft Cell or Psychedelic Furs just to get the stank off of my ears!

To be fair, the meteoric rise of Rap and Hip Hop has helped keep Rock away from the popularity it used to enjoy. Perhaps one day the pendulum will swing back into Rock's direction. But as long as teenagers from places like south Orange County continue to try way to hard to be "ghetto", this doesn't seem likely to change.

If I've upset anyone, I'm sorry. It's just my opinion... now aren't you glad you asked!

New music that matters:


Revenge of the Black Regent- Add N to (X)
Ode to Joy- Adicts
Girls Not Grey- AFI
Swing Swing- The All-American Rejects
The Only Sun- Another Black Season
There Is No Ending- Arab Strap
Rebellion (Lies)- Arcade Fire
Who the F**k Are Arctic Monkeys?- Arctic Monkeys
Good Weekend- Art Brut


Wheres Your Head At- Basement Jaxx
Another Sunny Day- Belle and Sebastian
Lust- Black Tie Dynasty
Debt- Black Tie Dynasty
The Letter A- Black Tie Dynasty
Helicopter- Bloc Party
Misery Is a Butterfly- Blonde Redhead
On and On- Boy Kill Boy
Suzie- Boy Kill Boy
Unconditional- The Bravery
An Honest Mistake- The Bravery
Spent On Rainy Days- Bright Eyes
7/4 (Shoreline)- Broken Social Scene


It Dawned On Me- Calla
Sacred Heart- Cass McCombs
Modern Love- The Changes
When I Sleep- The Changes
Like the Movies- Clear Static
Radio- Client
Seems Fine- The Concretes
You're Gonna Lose That Girl Tonight- The Contingencies
Saturdays- Cut Copy
Time Stands Still- Cut Copy
Going Nowhere- Cut Copy


Out Here All Night- Damone
I Believe in a Thing Called Love- The Darkness
Lost In the Plot- The Dears
Soul Meets Body- Death Cab For Cutie
The Sound of Settling- Death Cab for Cutie
We Both Go Down Together- The Decemberists
One Night Away- Delays
Metropolitan Death 1- Delorean
Your Summer Dress- Dirty On Purpose
Walk Into the Sun- Dirty Vegas
I Love You 'Cause I Have To- Dogs Die In Hot Cars
Take It Off- The Donnas
Fall Behind Me- The Donnas


Munich- Editors
Trouble With Dreams- Eels
Gay Bar- Electric Six
Synthesizer- Electric Six


I Disappear- The Faint
Glass Danse- The Faint
The Wonder- Figurines
Poseur- Finesse & Runway
Take Me Out- Franz Ferdinand
The Dark of the Matinée- Franz Ferdinand
Over My Head- The Fray


This Isn't It- Giant Drag
Here Comes a City- The Go-Betweens
The Statue- The Go-Betweens
Oi Mate- The Gonads
Listen Up!- The Gossip
Mmmnn- Grandadbob
Satellite- Guster


Hard to Beat- Hard-FI
Best Mistake (I'd Ever Make Again)- The Have Nots
Chips Ahoy- The Hold Steady
Bandages- Hot Hot Heat
Talk To Me, Dance With Me- Hot Hot Heat
Goodnight Goodnight- Hot Hot Heat
Middle of Nowhere- Hot Hot Heat
Stalker Girl- Hypo Psycho


Maybe I Should- I Am Kloot
Pda- Interpol
Song Seven- Interpol
Slow Hands- Interpol


Sharp Edges- Jackson United
Are You Gonna Be My Girl- Jet
Praise Chorus- Jimmy Eat World
In Tune- The Johns
In the Morning- Junior Boys


I Predict a Riot- Kaiser Chiefs
Is It Any Wonder?- Keane
This Is the Last Time- Keane
Everybody's Changing- Keane
Mr. Brightside- The Killers
Jenny Was a Friend of Mine- The Killers
Mr. Brightside- The Killers
Smile Like You Mean It- The Killers
Somebody Told Me- The Killers
Gold- Klee
2 Fragen- Klee


This Life- La Rocca
Cats- La Rocca
International Dateline- Ladytron
Destroy Everything You Touch- Ladytron
A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody- The Lashes
Sometimes the Sun- The Lashes
Can't Stand Me Now- The Libertines
Up the Bracket- The Libertines
We Are Lost- The Like
Bridge to Nowhere- The Like
Everything Wrong Is Imaginary- Lilys
Love/Hate- Liz Phair
Sanctuary- Local Division, The
Officer and a Gentleman- Lola Ray
Beautiful Boy- Lola Ray
Wake Me When It's Over- Longwave
Finding Out True Love Is Blind- Louis XIV
The Key- Lovebugs
Falling Apart- The Lovemakers
Monkey- Low


Teen Angst- M83
Unrecorded- M83
Combat Baby- Metric
Beautiful- Moby
Dramamine- Modest Mouse
Ocean Breathes Salty- Modest Mouse
Fascination- Monsters Are Waiting
Hidden Spaces- The Morning After Girls
Everything Is Alright- Motion City Soundtrack
Starlight- Muse
Time Is Running Out- Muse
Hysteria- Muse
One Big Holiday- My Morning Jacket
Drop the Pressure- Mylo
In My Arms- Mylo


I Want to Be Buried In Your Backyard- Nightmare of You
Unsatisfied- Nine Black Alps


The Midwife- The Occasion
The Cahuenga Shuffle- The Oohlas
Why We're Better Now- The Outline


Barely Listening- Pilot Speed
Kind of Hope- Pilot Speed
Go Cry- Pitty Sing
The Bitter End- Placebo
So Soon- The Poems
Girl and the Sea- The Presets
Goodbye Horses- Psyche


Steady, As She Goes- The Raconteurs
Enemies Like This- Radio 4
Caroline- Radio 4
Face Down- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Save Me- Remy Zero
Everytime- The Rewinds
Anyone Out There?- Rialto
Are You Nervous?- Rock Kills Kid
Hide Away- Rock Kills Kid
'Ol Horse Eyes- The Ronelles
I'm Shakin'- Rooney
I Wish I Was- Rule 62


Nowhere Again- The Secret Machines
Fade- Seven Color Sky
Red Flags and Long Nights- She Wants Revenge
Tear You Apart- She Wants Revenge
Out of Control- She Wants Revenge
Hands Open- Snow Patrol
Night After Night- The Sounds
Dance With Me- The Sounds
Living in America- The Sounds
Rock 'n' Roll- The Sounds
Bigtime- The Soundtrack of Our Lives
A Place In Displacement- South
Future Beat- The Spectacular Fantastic
Baby Blues- The Stills
Changes Are No Good- The Stills
Love and Death- The Stills
Still in Love Song- The Stills
This Is Forever- The Strays
Last Night- The Strokes
12:51- The Strokes
Reptilia- The Strokes
Someday- The Strokes
Electricityscape- The Strokes
The End Has No End- The Strokes
Rock & Roll Queen- The Subways


Walking With a Ghost- Tegan and Sara
Arc-Lamps, Signal Flares, a Shower of White (The Light)- Thursday
Staring at the Sun- TV On the Radio
Dreams- TV On the Radio


Celestial Annihilation- UNKLE


Noi Boi- The Velvet Teen
Nightwaves- VHS or Beta
Alive- VHS or Beta
New Way- The Vibrants
Rosa Glynn- The Village Green
Get Free- The Vines
Ride- The Vines


What's in It for Me- The Walkmen
This Is Such a Pity- Weezer
Thanks For Nothing- White Rose Movement


Cheated Hearts- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Y Control- Yeah Yeah Yeahs


Can't Look Down- ZOX
Oh Stacey (Look What You've Done!)- The Zutons