Friday, June 13, 2014

The Bryan Ferry Files- Free MP3 Downloads!

Back in the ancient days of the early 1970s, the band Roxy Music rose from obscurity and went on to inspire generations of future rockers. Along with David Bowie and a few other daring musical explorers, they practically invented New Wave with their unique sound. A sound that encompassed both debonair sophistication (think Spandau Ballet, Icehouse) and the edgy chaos of bands like The B-52s. Of course, Roxy did it nearly a decade BEFORE any of those bands became popular. Listening to Roxy is like drinking fine cabernet out of a brown paper bag while sitting in the gutter in your tuxedo!

While Roxy and frontman Bryan Ferry have enjoyed huge success, they never became worldwide crossover superstars. By flying under the radar they perhaps have escaped some of the trapping and downfalls of Madonna type fame. Yet their impact remains undeniable, their music timeless. Check out these FREE downloads of classic Roxy/Ferry songs;

Soulwax Roxy Music Megamix

Bryan Ferry- Lets Stick Together (Jeremy Healy ‘cheeky’ edit)

Bryan Ferry- Don’t Stop The Dance (Todd Terje Remix)

Download and enjoy!

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Monday, June 02, 2014

Aimee Mann Free MP3 Download!

The crystal voiced Aimee Mann broke onto the scene with 80s One Hit New Wavers, Til Tuesday. Her distinctive singing made “Voices Carry” a huge hit! She has continued creating soul catching music since, as witnessed on this FREE sampler.

The lead song, “Charmer”, explores the dysfunctional habit of people pleasing against the backdrop of catchy synth and guitar interplay. Download and enjoy!

Get the free download here: Aimee Mann Free MP3 Download

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