Thursday, November 03, 2016

The Cars- Just What I Needed Free MP3

The Cars venerable 1978 single, “Just What I Needed”, is an FM radio staple that first helped put New Wave on the map. Many AOR stations initially resisted playing Alternative music like The Clash and Ramones back in the day. This new music was too adventurous and edgy in an era of progressive, Arena Rock staples like Kansas, Styx and Yes.

The Cars helped break down that barrier with irresistible songs that even old school radio rock programmers could embrace. Here are some recent takes of this timeless tune by a new generation of rockers. ALL of these are FREE downloads!

Hailing from Montreal, The Maxwells bring an edgy yet true-to-the-original mix that would make Ric Ocasek proud. Check out the synths and electronic drums on this one.

Classic Current takes the song in a new direction with their stripped down, acoustic, offbeat sound. Sounds like an old Casio keyboard and bongos accompanying guitar and vocals.

Jody Mikal brings a David Byrne meets ‎Layne Staley vibe to the song.

Sounding like it was recorded in a garage (or a bedroom?), chejuboy has a bit of Emo with a nice indy guitar solo. Good to see the kids still appreciate the classics.

Download and enjoy!

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Monday, August 15, 2016

David Lee Roth Joins New Order!

Did you ever imagine what it would be like if David Lee Roth from Van Halen was the front man for New Order?

Neither did I.

But as strange as it sounds, this unlikely musical mash up from Wax Audio actually "works". With a little help from fellow 80s superstars Duran Duran and Tears For Fears, "Blue Jump" is addictive and catchy. It just may be the best "earworm" you've heard in a long time. And the best part is, it's a FREE download. Just go here and click the down arrow:

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Springsteen's Tribute To Prince- "Purple Rain" Free Download

Bruce Springsteen has made available for download his live cover of "Purple Rain". The Boss opened his show in Brooklyn on April 23 with this tribute to Prince who passed away unexpectedly two days earlier.

It is a surprisingly heartfelt performance, Springsteen's heartland Rock being about as far from Funk as one can imagine. Yet Bruce's impassioned vocals and Nils Lofgren's searing guitar help make this an amazing performance.

The show starts with the stage bathed in purple light, a few guitar strums and then the crowd erupts when they recognize the song as Springsteen start singing the lyrics.

Download for free, nothing to sign up for, no email required. Just right click HERE: "Purple Rain" - Bruce Springsteen Live Cover

As The Boss says at the end of the song, "Prince Forever!"

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