Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Boss, Idol, Morrisey Back In Action!

New Singles

Bruce Springsteen- Devils & Dust

Hot Hot Heat- Island of the Honest Man

Nine Inch Nails- The Line Begins to Blur

Queens Of The Stone Age- Little Sister

The Wallflowers- Beautiful Side of Somewhere

Weezer- Beverly Hills

New Albums

New Order- Waiting for the Sirens' Call

Billy Idol- Sessions@AOL - EP

Beck- Guero

The Bravery- The Bravery

Concrete Blonde- The Essential Concrete Blonde

Johnny Cougar- A Biography (Remastered)

Morrissey- Live from Earls Court

The Motels- Essential Collection

Happy Listening!

- DJ Craig

Thursday, March 24, 2005

New Stuff!

A quick check of new releases this week may have you checking your calendar.

New music from Nine Inch Nails, Billy Idol, Cher, Dishwalla and Stevie Wonder takes top billing.

And then there's new stuff that just sounds like it's in a time warp. The Retrowave bandwagon rolls on with New Wavish albums from Epoxies, Louis XIV, Jeffie Genetic and His Clones and The Ends.

Wait... isn't this 2005?

New Singles

Stevie Wonder- "So What the Fuss"

Funky and cool. Stevie never sounded better.

Nine Inch Nails- "The Hand That Feeds"

Dark and abrasive yet quite listenable. Just what you'd expect from Rock's patron saint of inner angst.

New Albums

Cher- Living Proof

featuring "Song for the Lonely". More happy House music from the ageless Diva.

Dishwalla- Dishwalla

The lead track, "40 Stories" picks up right where Dishwalla last left off. Catchy guitars, whirling keyboards and trippy lyrics.

Ben Folds Five- Whatever and Ever Amen (Remastered Edition)

Check out the outstanding cover of the Buggle's New Wave classic, "Video Killed the Radio Star".

Louis XIV- The Best Little Secrets Are Kept

boasting the Indie 103 favorite, "Finding Out True Love Is Blind".

Jeffie Genetic and His Clones- Need a Wave

features "Records Go Round".

The Ends- Concrete Disappointment

includes "Pucker Up".

Epoxies- Epoxies

The Epoxies channel The Go-Go's and sound great doing it. Listen to "Please Please" and "Need More Time".

Moby- Hotel

Unlikely that this album will be as popular as Moby's prior releases. "Beautiful" is the strongest track and quite catchy. From there things sink into faceless, "electro-lounge" oblivion.

Billy Idol- Devil's Playground

Billy's first release of new music in a decade or so is perhaps the biggest music surprise of this year so far. It's a welcome return to his Rock roots as he reunites with guitarist, Stevie Stevens.

The surprise is that this team still sounds so good. And that Idol's musical range and variety now reaches far beyond that of his former Punk incarnation.

"Super Overdrive" and "World Comin' Down" are a hard edged nod to Idol's original band, Generation X.

The Countryfied Rock of "Lady Do or Die" wouldn't sound out of place on a Johnny Cash album. And the uppity guitar jangle of "Cherie" might have you reminiscing about your old Neil Diamond albums.

"Rat Race", "Sherri", "Romeo's Waiting" and "Body Snatcher" are trademark, hard rockin' Idol anthems.

Idol's voice has matured slightly, sounding strong and deliberate. Steven's incendiary guitar playing is the perfect accomplice.

Billy's best album since Rebel Yell.

Rock On,

- DJ Craig

Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Class Of '85

Rock groups U2 and The Pretenders took their rightful place at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony last week. These bands were honored for their unique musical styles and amazing longevity. Both started in the 80's and are still going strong touring and producing new music.

A twenty year plus career in popular music is a accomplishment very few achieve. By comparison, The Beatles only lasted seven years. Led Zeppelin- about ten.

For many, the 80's brings painful flashbacks of leg warmers, tons of eyeliner and lipstick and too much hairspray. And those were just the men!

But seriously, the 80's doesn't get the credit it deserves. The 80's is easy to ridicule because the memories of standing in front of the mirror until we got our mullets looking perfect will not go away. Sure, it was the decade that gave us Big Hair, Members Only jackets and some very pretentious, New Wave music.

But it was also an age of musical experimentation and excitement fueled by the Punk explosion of the late 70's. The Pogo, moshing, New Wave, Mod, Ska, New Romantic, Goth and Rockabilly all virtually came to life simultaneously as if someone had flipped a switch. The rapid rise of new bands and new sounds was pandemic. In the 80's you were either in a band or you knew someone that was.

When you think about it, the early 80's was actually the last great era of Rock And Roll. The B52's, REM, The Go Go's, Duran Duran, Erasure, Elvis Costello, Billy Idol, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Blondie, New Order, The Psychedelic Furs, The Pretenders, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Soft Cell, Sting, Tears For Fears, U2 and Social Distortion are just a few 80's artists that made their initial impact back then. All of them, along with many other original New Wave groups, are still together and currently performing.

In contrast, it's difficult to think of five great 90's Rock bands that are still around.

- DJ Craig

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Latest Music

Here's the latest and greatest:


Spaced Out - The Best of Leonard Nimoy & William Shatner

Meltdown- Ash

Human After All- Daft Punk

Long-View- Mercury


What's Going On- Los Lobos Los Lobos: Live At the Fillmore

Cry Baby / Piece of My Heart- Melissa Etheridge & Joss Stone

Freddie's Dead (Blaze Roots DJ Mix) Curtis Mayfield Mayfield: Remixed

Move On Up (Eric Kupper Vocal Mix) Curtis Mayfield Mayfield: Remixed

One Word- Kelly Osbourne

Black and White Town- Doves

Krafty- New Order

Why Do You Love Me- Garbage

Going Through the Motions- Aimee Mann

-DJ Craig

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Guilty Pleasures

Everybody's got em'. Some try to hide them. Others revel in them without shame.

I'm talking about "Guilty Pleasures". Music you shouldn't like but you do!

It's much like riding a moped. Lots of fun but you don't want anyone to see you doing it.

You have been a victim if you:

1. Find yourself humming along to Barry Manilow

2. Request "Jessie's Girl" from the harpist at weddings

3. Refuse to get rid of your cherished Milli Vanilli CDs

4. Cry while listening to The Carpenters

5. Still have a New Kids On The Block CD in your player.

6. Preordered the multi CD Box Set from Poison

7. Keep a copy of Wham's Greatest Hits hidden in the closet

8. Yell out, "It's Hammer Time!" as part of foreplay

9. Dance shamelessly to "Ice Ice Baby" at family reunions

10. Keep a David Hasselhoff picture stashed under your pillow

So what if you can recite all the words to "The Macarena". That doesn't mean you have a critical character flaw.

But like what you did at Band Camp that one Summer, some things are better kept a secret!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Notable New Releases

Moody Blues "Gold Remastered"

Mississippi Queen - Single Ozzy Osbourne

It Hasn't Happened Yet (Live) - Single William Shatner

The Delivery Man - Elvis Costello

In Between Dreams - Jack Johnson

Roots & Wings - EP Jars of Clay

Angel of Retribution - Judas Priest

Frances the Mute - The Mars Volta

- DJ Craig