Monday, June 18, 2007

The Cinematics

June 11, 2007

Alternative rockers The Cinematics played at the historic Montmarte Lounge in Los Angeles Monday night. The appreciative crowd, many of whom got free passes to the show compliments of radio station Indie 103.1, were also treated to opening band, The Shys. The Shys paid tribute to Van Morrison by closing their set with a rendition of the classic rocker, "Gloria".

The Cinematics then took the stage and played an energetic set, including "Break" and Alt Rock fave, "A Strange Education". The Scottish quartet was probably itching to finally break out their instruments after their three day road trip from Washington, D.C. and it showed. The band was tight and lead singer Scott Rinning's impassioned howling captivated the SRO crowd.

The Cinematic sound is very reminiscent of Joy Division and The Chameleons. A a wailing wall of guitar that is both appealing and angst ridden, carries the songs against an insistent, determined back beat. You can check their website at:

The Cinematics


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