Friday, April 29, 2005

Why A Garter Toss?

Recently a client asked about the origins of the garter toss.

I did some research and found some interesting myths. There are many legends surrounding the birth and meaning of this ancient wedding formality.

One story has it that in the 14th century, it was customary for the Bride to toss her garter to the men. But sometimes the men got too drunk, and would become impatient and try to take the garter off her ahead of time. Eventually the Groom got into the act and saved his bride from the unruly mob by removing and throwing the garter himself.

Nowadays, all Single Men are invited to gather around while our Groom removes the garter from the Bride's leg. The Groom then tosses the garter to the motley crew, er... Single Gentlemen. If all goes well, one lucky guy catches the garter and no fist fights ensue.

I do have my own explanation of the true relevence of this ancient ritual;

This is the final test to see if our Groom has what it takes to be a good husband. Part of this test is his ability to use his manly powers of seduction to mesmerize his mate long enough to remove an intimate piece of clothing. If all goes well this could be considered the unofficial start of the Honeymoon!

This is also an opportunity for the Single Men to display their cunning, strength and physical agility in attempting to catch the garter. Single ladies should take notice. The catcher of the Garter is clearly mentally and physically superior to his competitors and is a most desirable mate. He can claim bragging rights over all other single men here and tradition has it that he will be the next to get married.

-DJ Craig

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