Monday, April 25, 2005

Hot Stuff!

New Releases...

- Albums-

Chet Baker- Jazz Moods - Cool (live)

Chet removes his trademark melancholy for a version of "Tangerine" that really cooks. "My Funny Valentine" is Baker at his best. His expression of sadness and wanting is as addicting as any drug.

Berlin's new album, Voyeur, is a disappointment save for the standout dance track, "Drug".

Coolio's latest, My Soul features the funky, "Ooh la la".

The Retrowave Era continues with The Slats album, Pick It Up featuring "Automobile", "Another Physical Reaction" and "The Fabric of My Brass Knuxxx".


Coldplay- "Speed of Sound". OK but not great.

On "Raewyn", Russell Crowe proves that great acting and bad singing CAN coexist.

Morrissey's new single is a live remake. "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out" is a cover of a classic Smith's track. His voice mellowed and matured, Morrissey still captures the pathos that captivates.

-DJ Craig

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