Sunday, September 23, 2012

Men Of North Country

FREE MP3 Download Song of the Week:  
Men of North Country's retro sound captures this week's Spot for Free MP3 Download.

"People of Tomorrow" 

More free MP3s: 

 The Soft Moon- "Die Life" 

Ian Hunter- "When I'm President" 

Night Sins- "The Eternal Giver" 

The 2012 Loss Leader: A Paper Bag Records Compilation!+%2B+The+...&utm_source=YMLP&utm_term=The Album Leaf- "Descent" 

No Motion- "Emergency" 

 El Ten Eleven- "Thanks Bill" 

Men Without Hats- "This War" 

 Bryan Ferry – "When She Walks In The Room" (Live) 

The Helio Sequence- "October" 

 Permanent Collection- "One Thousand Sins"

Bright Matter's- "inhale:exhale" 
California Wives- "Purple" 

Sky Ferreira – “Everything Is Embarrassing” 

Eminence Grey- "Perhaps?Maybe!" 

Diamond Rings- "I'm Just Me" 
KR- “Creep” (Radiohead Cover) 

Melontropics- "While You Play" 

Santah – “Indigo” 

STARS - The Theory of Relativity (Diamond Rings Remix) 

Night Sins- "Spectral Bliss" 
Dum Dum Girls- "Lord Knows"

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