Tuesday, June 23, 2009

16 Free Songs!

A boatload of new, free mp3 downloads! (Click on song to sample and/or download.)

Very Tom Pettyish:
"There Goes The Night"- The Novaks

Put psychedelic surf music, Sonic Youth and Joy Division in a blender and you just might get something like this:
"The List"- The Hoa Hoas

New Ska!:
"So Long"- South Central Skankers

A tribute to Clapton:
"Sunshine Of Your Love"- Brian Tarquin

Latin Jazz:
"The Proposition"- The Budos Band

If Love and Rockets and Joy Division mated it might sound like this:
"I Wanna Kill"- Crocodiles

Legendary punkers return:
"Be Good, Child!"- Flipper

The New Wave legend is back:
"I'm Falling"- Robyn Hitchcock

Alt Rock & Nextwave:

"City & The Streets"- Rubik

"Superstar"- Second Sound

"We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed"- Los Campesinos!

"Wright, Right?"- Push-Pull

"Panic"- The Stills

"Whipped Egg for Piggy Sammich" [Explicit]- Erek Gita

A free album:
"The Sleep EP" By: Fenderchet

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