Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Man Who Refused To Die

Billy Idol keeps on keeping on. Idol, who admittedly has already, "used up his nine lives" is not only a survivor, he is thriving. He has overcome a serious motorcycle accident, drug excesses and a near career ending style change. Billy has finally come back from the brink to reclaim his mantle as Punk's snarlingest front man.

2005's "Devil's Playground" was arguably his best album ever. And he has seemingly been on tour non-stop since. While the majority of Billy's 80s contemporaries have long ago been thrown on the junk heap of pop culture, he continues to create new music. "New Future Weapon" and "John Wayne" are featured on a new greatest hits package, "Idolize Yourself - Best of Billy Idol".

Below is a live performance of "John Wayne" from a recent Jimmy Kimmel show:

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