Monday, May 19, 2008

RIAA Gets It Wrong Again

First, the Recording Industry Association of America generated tons of bad publicity by it's campaign to sue single mothers (and others) for hundreds of thousands of dollars for alleged illegal file sharing. Now the RIAA has effectively shot themselves in the foot.

Tanya Anderson of Portland, Oregon has been awarded $103,000.00 to cover court costs and legal fees stemming from the RIAAs unsuccessful prosecution of her last summer. The RIAA plans to appeal but still faces a case of malicious prosecution brought by Anderson.

Meanwhile a Minnesota judge is considering granting an appeal to Jamie Thomas, who was the first P2P defendant to face a jury trial for illegal file sharing. Thomas was originally ordered to pay $222,000.00 in damages.

The appeal judge is citing a potential "error of law" as to whether making a track available in a shared folder on a P2P network is an infringement. Arguments for a new trial begin July 1.

How about the RIAA taking some of that prosecution money and putting it towards helping the artists they represent put out a product people want to pay for?

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