Tuesday, February 05, 2008

iLike It!

If you're an iTunes aficionado or just a music lover, iLike.com is a necessity. If you don't yet use iTunes it's time to get on the bus!

iLike is a free program that attaches a sidebar to your iTunes program. The sidebar constantly updates as you play music.

Recent activity such as planned concerts and new releases by the artist you are currently playing are displayed. It also gives you access to download free mp3s, tells you what your iLike "friends" are listening to and gives you access you your own custom iLike page on the web.

On your custom iLike page, a running tabulation of the songs you have listened to recently is updated by the minute. Your friends can peruse your iTunes playlists and sample them as well. You can compile a list of your favorite artists, give opinions on songs and you can send songs and messages to other iLike users.

iLike has over 15 million users and is growing exponentially. It looks to be the ultimate online social networking site for music lovers worldwide.

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