Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Killers Sawdust Rewards Listeners

The Killers- "Sawdust"

The Killers third release, a collection of previously unreleased songs and B sides, increases the bands' potential for staying power on the cultural landscape. A feat difficult for many bands that, like The Killers, have been blessed with such early, instant success. Too often they fade quickly into obscurity, becoming forgotten one hit wonders. This album may not be full of brand new material but what is there measures up to the best of their previous work.

However, with this release it could be argued that, until proven otherwise, The Killers best work remains in the past. Their sophomore effort being a disappointment. But it also proves that they are capable of producing more than just one or two catchy songs and then disappearing.

There may be no anthemic, massive crossover hits such as "Somebody Told Me" or "Mr. Brightside" on this album. Something that The Killers attempted on their 2nd release and failed miserably in trying. Bombastic attempts at Springsteenish epics have wisely been jettisoned here. And that's ok. The lowering of the expectation to produce a huge hit just may be the right climate for The Killers to give us their creative best.

Songs "All the Pretty Faces" and "Under The Gun" are signature Killers with with foreboding themes, driving beats, dark bass line undercurrents and synth sounds. "Sweet Talk" would be at home on a U2 album with its "Mysterious Ways" percussion, message of spiritual redemption and lead singer Brandon Flowers channeling Bono's falsetto.

The Killer's take on Joy Division's "Shadowplay" is a worthy tribute to New Wave heroes Joy Division. And covering the Kenny Rogers' classic, "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town" shows a willingness to take a shot at their own self importance- something many people doubted The Killers had the ability to do.

The Sawdust collection is impressive and leaves us looking forward to the next Killers creation.

Thumbs Up!

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