Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Does That Make Me Crazy?


Recently someone posed a question about the song "Crazy" by Charles Barkley. Is this massive hit truly a great song or just an overhyped bandwagon that everyone seems to be jumping on?

It seems to me that MOST huge crossover hits are "over-rated". The axiom, "You cannot underestimate the taste of the general public" applies here.

For example, look at all the great Clash songs. But their biggest hit, by Top 40 standards, was the unspectacular "Rock The Casbah". How sad is that? The same could be said for many other artists.

Having said that, I'm glad to see the success of "Crazy". Compared to much of what is played in the mainstream, it's like a breath of fresh air. "Crazy" is catchy enough, not too irritating and every time it's played it takes the place of what could have been another lame Rap or vapid Britney Squeals type song. Plus, I gotta give Gnarls Barkley extra credit for their awesome cover of The Violent Femmes' "Gone Daddy Gone" on the same album.

Anytime a non Rap, NuMetal or lightweight Pop artist garners this kind of attention, it is a positive. If Gnarls continues to be successful, that's LESS music we have to hear by the latest in an unceasingly long line of wannabe gangstas threatening to "pop a cap in yo ass". And that's a very good thing.

Admittedly, the choice of quality Pop candidates has become so desolate, it's kind of like a political election where you throw your support behind the less of the nominated evils. Gnarls Barkley probably wouldn't have stood out amongst the great bands of the 80's. Oh how things have changed.

PS For what it's worth, Gnarls Barkley is up for several Grammy Awards including Record Of The Year for "Crazy", at The Grammys on Sunday, February 11th.

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