Monday, January 30, 2006

Don't Call It "The Comeback"

The Cars

Reggae stalwarts UB40 return after a long absence with a new album, "Who You Fighting For?" The album features covers of The Beatles' "I'll Be On My Way" soul classic, "Kiss and Say Goodbye" and original tracks.

"The solidest album from UB40 in over a decade."- All Music Guide

OMD is scheduling concerts and have a new album on the way. The quartet plans to tour extensively in Europe, remaster the Dazzle Ships album, release a DVD and release previously unreleased material.

Romeo Void's 1982 album, "Benefactor" has never been released on CD. Until now, that is. Digitally remstered, this CD release includes four bonus tracks, including a 12" single version of "Never Say Never."

Missing Persons' 1982 debut album (previously reissued in 1995), Spring Session M, is once again available and features two bonus tracks- "Mental Hopscotch" and "Hello, I Love You," which previously were not released on CD.

New Order are working on songs for the film about their late Joy Division bandmate Ian Curtis.

The new film, "Control" is based on Touching From a Distance, the book by Curtis's widow Deborah. The film is being made by director and rock photographer Anton Corbijn, who has worked with U2 and Depeche Mode.

According to Peter Hook, bass player for New Order and Joy Division, they wanted to record new songs for the film as Joy Division. Hook says the impending soundtrack, "May include new stuff. Anton wants to use songs by Joy Division so that each song becomes a video. Like the way the Atmosphere video was filmed, he wants to write videos that appear in the film."

The Manchester band are also considering playing all Joy Division sets at future gigs.They played such a set at the October tribute concert for John Peel in London.

"The Way It Is" a new song from NextWave group The Sunshine Underground may have you digging through your record collection wondering where you've heard it before. It's awfully reminiscent of Gene Loves Jezebel. And awfully good.

The Shout Out Louds are getting attention for their album, "Howl Howl Gaff Gaff" featuring Cars sounding hit, "The Comeback".

Speaking of The Cars , a reunion of sorts is planned. Unfortunately, without original members Rick Ocasek and the late Benjamin Orr. Which means only two members of the original band will participate plus, get this, Todd Rundgren taking over lead vocals.

We love the Todster but without Ric Ocasek there are no Cars. Kudos to Ric for using good judgment and not going for the easy money an otherwise pointless reunion tour will generate. And shame on Rundgren for even considering it.

-DJ Craig

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