Sunday, July 17, 2005

X, The Plimsouls and The Pacific Amphiteater's "Wall Of Mud"

The Plimsouls and X take the stage in Costa Mesa

You may remember The Plimsouls as the band in the 80's, coming of age flick, "Valley Girl". "A Million Miles Away" is the song they are best known for. Here's something you may not have known: The Plimsouls were the first band ever to play at the Pacific Amphitheater back in 1983.

Judging from last Friday's concert, the sound system at The Pac Amp hasn't changed much. It reduced what should have been the shimmering pop/ rock of the Plimsouls to a muddy cacophony. Think of listening to a bell with earmuffs on. So much for a triumphant return for our New Wave Heroes.

History has shown that this is not an isolated incident. Other Pac Amp concerts, including last years' Roxy Music show, suffered the same fate. Apparently the sound system is inherently unclear and distorted and no matter what the act.

With Friday's headling band, punk icons X, it didn't seem to matter quite as much. Their lyrics are often difficult to decipher even under the best of conditions. And the fanatical crowd didn't seem to mind. Still it would be nice to have SOME aural clarity.

It's nice that The OC Fair can pull in some big name acts. But until something is done to improve the sound quality at The Pac Amp, make the drive to somewhere else to see your favorite bands.

-DJ Craig

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