Thursday, June 16, 2005

Who's Yo Daddy?

Who's Your Daddy?

The Father of Rock and Roll celebrated his 90th birthday last week. No, I'm not talking about Elvis, Jerry Lee, Little Richard or Chuck Berry. Les Paul is the inventor of the electric guitar. The very instrument that makes it possible for mere mortals to attain the title of Rock God!

Oh and the multi-track recorder that made sound-on-sound, overdubbing, reverb and other now indispensable studio effects possible. Les is a member of both the Rock and Roll AND National Inventors Hall of Fame. Without him, Elvis may have been known as the King of ukulele.

Christina Agri-vation

Christina Aguilera's music is finding a new audience and a new appreciation. The pop diva's dirges are apparently being used to break down an alleged Al Queda suspect in Guantanamo Bay. According to reports, interrogators have been using the records as part of a campaign aimed at bringing a confession out of a man suspected of involvement in the September the 11th attacks.

Geneva Conventions not withstanding, we're with Greenpeace on this one. It's clearly inhumane, cruel treatment. Thank God those of us living in freedom have the power to hit the OFF button!

Best Movie

Congrats to the Producers of "Napoleon Dynamite", winners at MTV's recent 14th annual Movie Awards show.

Happy Listening,

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