Monday, May 16, 2005

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    AARP Concert Circuit?

The Rolling Stones announce another world tour starting in Boston on August 21, 2005. Yes, these are the same Stones that graced "Spin" magazines' cover back in 1983. The breakup predicting headline then read, "The Stones Run Out Of Reasons For Staying Together".

Here we are 22 years later.

Is Spin magazine still around?

    Lopez Rejects DA's Plea

Jenny from the Block recently retained D.A. Pennebaker to lens a documentary about the creation of her Rebirth album.

Lopez was apparently unaware that the film would actually reveal how it was made. Lopez objected to the way her singing was showcased and didn't appreciate being depicted as a diva. She threw a tantrum that ensured the epic would never be unspooled in its entirety. If only she would've had the same instincts about Monster-In-Law . . .

    Crue Seeks Clue

Motley Crue are teaming up with "America's Most Wanted" to try to find a missing fan, who hasn't been seen since she left her home to attend the band's March 6 concert in Washington, D.C. The band is offering a $10,000 reward to try to find the missing Baltimore woman.

- DJ Craig

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