Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Where To Find FREE, Legal, Downloadable Music

The RIAA is tightening it's grip on those downloading songs illegally. But there are still many online sites offering free downloads that you won't be sued over. Here are a few:

from http://www.digitalalchemy.tv

Digital Alchemy's "Complete Guide to Free Online Music"

1. We7: Free downloads with a 10 second advertisement inserted at the beginning of every track. Restrictions: None.

2. Ruckus: Free unlimited music downloads. 2.5 million tracks in library. Restrictions: DRM, college students only.

3. Slacker: Play music on-demand along with music recommendations. Restrictions: US only.

4. Pandora: Streaming music recommendation service. Restrictions:US only, not on-demand.

5. Last.fm: Streaming music recommendation service. Restrictions: Not on-demand.

6. eMusic: Limited to 25 MP3 downloads during free trial period. 2 million song library. Restrictions: Limited downloads.

7. Qtrax: Unlimited downloads and song plays with contextual ads. P2P-based client forthcoming. Restrictions: DRM(?)

8. Playble: A free music download service from The Pirate Bay. Forthcoming. Restrictions: None.

9. Broadclip: Like TiVo for Internet radio stations. Schedule recordings of your favorite music and download them later as MP3s. Free software download required. Restrictions: None.

10. iLike: Discover new music through your friends. Share your music library. Download free MP3s of new artists. Restrictions: None.

11. MyStrands: Downloadable application to tag, share, manage, and discover new music. Restrictions: None.

12. iJigg: Digg for music. Rate, stream, and download free music. Restrictions: None.

13. SoundPedia: Listen to free streaming music. Create and share playlists. Restrictions: None

14. Haystack: Social network for sharing and discovering new music. Restrictions: None

15. Deezer: Free streaming online music. On-demand. Formerly called BlogMusik. Restrictions: None

16. Seeqpod: MP3 search engine that lets you play music that you find in your browser. Restrictions: None

17. Jango: Free site that lets you play streaming music on-demand along with related artists. Sticks to more popular music selections than Pandora. Restrictions: None

18. Jamendo: Features free downloadable music from independent artists released under the Creative Commons. Feel free to tip the artists if you like their music. Restrictions: None

19. The Hype Machine: Listen to music gathered from blogs around the world. Restrictions: None.

20. Apple's iTunes Music Store offers a new free download each week. Past offerings have included music by Bruce Springsteen, up and comers The Cinematics and Amy Winehouse.

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