Saturday, January 28, 2012

Virgin Forest And 15 More Free Songs

FREE MP3 Download Song of the Week:

Virgin Forest contrasts downbeat drums and mellow keyboards against a blazing guitar to become this week's FREE MP3 Download:

Click here to download: Virgin Forest- "Don’t Be Afraid"

Mo FREE downloads:

Capital Cities- "Safe & Sound" (DiscoTech Remix)

Capital Cities- "Holiday" (Madonna Cover)

Black Bananas- "Rad Times"

Bear In Heaven- "The Reflection Of You"

Saint Etienne- "Tonight"

Blue Stahli- "Smackdown"

The Paper Bag Sessions Volume 1

• Under The Knife – The Rural Alberta Advantage
• Lose It – Austra
• Lindsay – Elliott BROOD
• Facelove – PS I Love You
• Standing On The Edge – Cuff The Duke
• Tornado ’87 – The Rural Alberta Advantage
• Believe Me – Austra
• If I Get Old – Elliott BROOD
• Butterflies and Boners – PS I Love You
• Letting Go – Cuff The Duke

Dead Wolf Club- "Radar"

Reptar- "Stuck In My ID"

Dum Dum Girls- "Always Looking"

Strange Talk- "Sexual Lifestyle"

Cursive- "The Sun and Moon"

Tea Leaf Green – “Honey Bee”

Yukon Blonde- "Stairway"

Blondes- "Wine"

Los Angeles DJ

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