Monday, December 27, 2010

Mashing Up The 80s

What is a "Mash Up"? It's a blend of two or more seemingly unrelated songs into a cohesive whole. Sometimes the melange of unrelated songs (often from different eras and musical genres) produces amazing results.

Some might consider these twisted monstrosities but I like the creative work put into them. It's the 80s like you've never heard it before! Direct links are below the songs for those interested. Right click on the links for a free MP3 download of each song.

This re-imagining of X's "Los Angeles" had me from the first note:

"XXX" by - X & XX

Listen here:

"XXX" (Los Angeles)

"Yeah vs. Oh Yeah" by - Yello & Usher

Listen here:

"Yeah vs. Oh Yeah"

"Love Shack On Wheels" by - B-52s & Thrill Kill Cult

Listen here:

"Love Shack On Wheels"

"Dont Stop Believin In Planet Rock" by - Journey & Afrika Bambaataa

Listen here:

"Dont Stop Believin In Planet Rock"

"See The Reaper" by - BOC & Depeche Mode

Listen here:

"See The Reaper"

"Dynamite Pressure" by - Queen, Bowie & Taio Cruz

Listen here:

"Dynamite Pressure"

"Knock Out Eileen" by - LL Cool J & Dexy's Midnight Runners

Listen here:

"Knock Out Eileen"

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