Thursday, January 22, 2009

RIAA Squelched!

According to Rolling Stone, after some 35,000 lawsuits against alleged illegal file sharers, The RIAA is changing it's tact. Their 5 year campaign of hardcore litigiousness wasn't making a dent in piracy. And forcing single mothers to pay thousands in legal fees and fines because their kids shared a few songs on the internet generated lots of bad publicity. The RIAA is finally aborting the failed strategy.

It now plans to work with internet service providers to identify copyright infringers and send them warning letters. Habitual or flagrant abusers may have their service turned off.

Seems like a more prudent and civil way to deal with those who commit file sharing infractions. Too bad it took the geniuses at the RIAA 5 years and thousands in legal fees to figure it out.

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