Monday, June 25, 2007

Glory Days?

I happened across Bruce Springsteen's "Glory Days" (1984) video the other day. Haven't seen it in years- funny to look back.

A real undercurrent of laughably unintended (?) homoeroticism going on here. Check out Bruce with his impossibly tight, open collared shirt and Nils Lofgren's French military inspired uniform. Little Steven, adorned in flamboyant gypsy attire, looks like he's on the edge of ecstasy when he and Bruce share the mic. And a way too happy Clarence Clemmons appears to be channeling Grace Jones. Patti Scialfa does her best not to look bored during the whole thing.

The boys from "Queer Eye" couldn't have choreographed it any better.

My vote for Worst Song Of The 80s is still:

"Party All The Time"- Eddie Murphy and Rick James

Basically Rick James ripping off himself by taking "Superfreak" and letting wanna-be singer Eddie Murphy spout lame lyrics over it.

Lyrics that could have been written by a fifth grader during recess.

And the people that would go to clubs during the heyday of great New Wave and request this stupid song used to make me crazy.

Speaking of The 80s, many Duran Duran fans are upset that their New Wave Heroes are collaborating with mega-teen idol, Justin Timberlake for their new album.

Apparently The Spice Girls were unavailable. However, there is speculation that The Girls will officially announce their reunion on June 28. Hope springs eternal.

DJ Craig

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