Monday, June 26, 2006

Academy Of The Underrated

Dave Alvin's grimacing mug- a testament to the passion of The Blasters

This is the first blog in an ongoing series on artists that haven't received due credit for their talent, output and musical contributions.

The Blasters were like distant cousins of The Stray Cats... only without the flash. But they never got the MTV, radio or media exposure they deserved.

This straight ahead, blue collar, rockabilly band hailing from Downey California, featured brothers Phil and Dave Alvin. Dave has also been known to play with X and their alter ego The Knitters.

Phil and Dave's driving guitars and Dave's passionate vocals make you want to get up and dance. This infusion of musical energy is more powerful than any caffeinated concoction you will find at Starbucks. And it's cheaper too!

The Blasters best known songs, "Marie Marie" and "Border Radio" got played a lot locally in So Cal back in the 80's. The Blasters still tour together and Dave Alvin has solo albums out.

Other great Blasters songs:

American Music
I'm Shakin'
Long White Cadillac
So Long Baby Goodbye

Next time you need a fix of Rockabilly and are tired of hearing "Rock This Town", check out The Blasters. Their 2003 live album, "The Blasters Live: Going Home" is a good place to start.

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