Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Morrissey's Tortured Soul

"You Have Killed Me!"

In the early 1980's, The Smiths led the dark side of the New Wave scene with songs about self loathing, impending doom and personal disconnection. Lead singer Morrissey often boasted in song of his chronic broken heart due to his obsessive, misguided attempts at romance and general unloveability.

Morrissey's despair became a running joke among Smith's fans and became the trademark that followed him into his solo career. On Morrissey's new solo album, "Leader of the Tormentors", he continues the legacy of creating catchy, pop songs about the seedy side of the human spirit. And setting himself up as a sacrificial lamb at the altar of love.

He croons, "I walk around somehow but you have killed me, you have killed me" on the standout track, "You Have Killed Me". A tongue-in-cheek hit that proves this sad dog hasn't lost it's bite.

In support of the new album, The Smiths' former frontman has started a 38-date world tour where tickets for the UK shows sold out within 20 minutes.

For the sake of fans and music lovers, let's hope Morrissey never finds the elusive happiness he so desperately seeks.

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