Saturday, March 05, 2005

Guilty Pleasures

Everybody's got em'. Some try to hide them. Others revel in them without shame.

I'm talking about "Guilty Pleasures". Music you shouldn't like but you do!

It's much like riding a moped. Lots of fun but you don't want anyone to see you doing it.

You have been a victim if you:

1. Find yourself humming along to Barry Manilow

2. Request "Jessie's Girl" from the harpist at weddings

3. Refuse to get rid of your cherished Milli Vanilli CDs

4. Cry while listening to The Carpenters

5. Still have a New Kids On The Block CD in your player.

6. Preordered the multi CD Box Set from Poison

7. Keep a copy of Wham's Greatest Hits hidden in the closet

8. Yell out, "It's Hammer Time!" as part of foreplay

9. Dance shamelessly to "Ice Ice Baby" at family reunions

10. Keep a David Hasselhoff picture stashed under your pillow

So what if you can recite all the words to "The Macarena". That doesn't mean you have a critical character flaw.

But like what you did at Band Camp that one Summer, some things are better kept a secret!

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