Thursday, February 17, 2005

Radio, Radio

In case you missed it, the guys from Hot Hot Heat were on "Loveline" (106.7 KROQ) last night promoting their new single, "Goodnight Goodnight".

Of course, the real star of Loveline has been and always will be none other than Adam Corolla. His extemporaneous rants about all things wrong with modern society never fail to entertain. As always, Dr. Drew plays the perfect straight man to Adam's inspired ravings. All while helping callers with their relationship problems. Loveline is on weekdays, 10 p.m. to 12 a.m.

On the AM side of the dial, XTRA 690 and KMPC 570 have traded programming. 570 will now be the home of So Cal's sports talk leader as well as talk radio mad scientist Phil Hendrie, formerly of KFI. 690 will now play swing and vocal standard faves.

I almost thought the new Indie 103.1 FM music programmers had lost their minds last week. Indie's fresh attitude and non-commercial alternative rock programming was interrupted by,,, were my ears deceiving me?,,, is that Frank Sinatra?

Yes, it was and with no apologies. Just to show that they can play whatever they want, Indie plays, "The Furious Frank at Five". Every weekday at 5 p.m., in between songs from the likes of Green Day and The Killers, Indie proudly spins a Sinatra tune. Indie's musical sense of adventure and willingness to take a risk is unmatched.

Indie 103.1's resident crazy uncle, former Sex Pistol guitarist Steve Jones, takes over their airwaves daily with an eclectic mix of music you are not likely to hear anywhere else. And Jones' between song banter is as funny as anything you'll hear on radio. Keep up the good work, Mate!

DJ Craig

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